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Strikingly picturesque, smartly designed and elaborately accessible; Shakun Suncity’s glamour reaches new heights when the lights are switched on. The music of falling water from the fountains perfectly matches the grace of the illuminated structure.   

Walk over to any corner of the township at night, the dazzling light from the LED poles elegantly reflects the posh green grass in Shakun Suncity’s gardens; highlights the bright red driveway and enlightens the lengthy walkways. Indoor paths and walkways; the drive way and the parking lot; or the Basketball and the Lawn Tennis Court; the entire area is well lit and accessible even when darkness dawns.

Fountains water bodies at shakun suncity baddiOne night at this site and you’ll forget everything about the best gardens in the area. The front lawn is a site in itself, with the lush green leading you to a bright swirl of colors on the waterwork. The stunning yellow lights mirror out how each drop falls apart from others, yet unites together to form the arcs coming out of the fountains. The green, blue and yellow shades embark a unique rainbow bordering the bottom of the masterpiece.   

Another striking site is the fully charged up walkways. A perfect romantic night-out for young couples! One covered with pink flowers, another with Palm trees, the next one with Red Gulmohar trees and yet another with bright yellow flowers; these walkways are the ideal place to hold hands with your better half.

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