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Strike the Shuttle with the Racquet

A rally of shots from one side of the net to the other chases a shining white shuttlecock. Drops of sweat flow down from the forehead of two anxious players; their eyes wide open gaze at the trail of the shuttlecock. The badminton match is a close one keeping the audience; all friends and family hooked to the seats as they watch it.

There are instances when the players stand an equal distance to the net; something akin to the concept of Equinox, when the night and day are approximately of the same length.

No wonder the badminton court is called EQUINOX. The six-layered badminton court has been created with synthetic footing based on international standards. The ten ft high trees and hedges ensure that the wind does not spoil the game. The fragrance of the Cestrum Diurnum (Din Ka Raja) and Cestrum Nocturnum (Raat ki Rani) in the backdrop make the exercise at Equinox an extremely pleasant affair.

The open arena with stairs for seating is an ideal place to host open air celebrations and parties.  What a game!

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