The upcoming Lawn

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Lavish Greens

Luxury knows no bounds. At Shakun Suncity, you’ll soon attend parties, hold functions and celebrate occasions at a sprawling lavish green lawn, beside the Swimming Pool, the Health Club and the Community Centre.

The lawn will be built on a much larger scale than the existing front lawn but, would offer a more exquisite sight. It would be beautifully bordered with rows of vibrant seasonal flowers neatly arranged in planters with marble tops for people to sit and unwind. The Trellis with the waterworks will steal the show with the fine streams of water defining the scenic magnificience.

This entire area covering the Lawn and the Basement can accommodate as many as eight hundred guests. This surely means you’ll save some precious time that would have otherwise gone in booking halls, banquets or restaurants. When you reside at the luxurious hotel called Shakun Suncity, you’ll forget about hosting parties elsewhere.     

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