Three Bedroom Apartments

The Family Dwelling

A bigger family needs a huge dwelling. With the property prices sky-rocketing and the unfound hype in the Real Estate market, many families find it difficult to afford staying together.  Leaving the aged parents behind is not easy for everyone. If you are someone who values parental care, you’d love to see your own children grow in the company of your parents.

3 BHK 3 Bedroom Apartments Baddi, 3 Bedroom Flats in Baddi 3 Bedroom Apartments Shimla 3 Bedroom Apartments in Himachal PradeshShakun Suncity understands and respects this value system and has built the Block B especially for large families. Your old parents get a room of their own and so do your growing children. All apartments have spacious rooms with a balcony attached. There is also provision for a sitting room where the entire family can sit, watch TV, interact and eat together.

Everything from the fittings and windowsill to the flooring and paint, have been finalized keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the family. Try finding a better solution for a comfortable family life; and your steps will tread only towards this secure abode.        

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