Two Bedroom Apartments

The Perfect Start of a New Life

Take a deep breath, unlock the door and enter your divine abode. Trendy and classy, yet personal and tailored; the Block C Apartments hold the key to an affordable comfort at your disposal- your own home with an attached Bathroom and a Kitchen. 2 BHK Bedroom Apartments Baddi 3 Bedroom Apartments Shimla 3 Bedroom Apartments Himachal Pradesh

Now, coming back home after a long day’s work is a bliss. Be it the elegant Wooden fittings, or durable electrical fittings; the candid Furniture or the exquisite wall paint; you own an apartment which stands nothing short than a refreshing tourist destination.

For those who have just tied the knot or got engaged, bring in your better half to the Block C Apartments. Show her the heavenly haven where you’ll make a new beginning together. The perfect start of a new life!


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