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Try Resisting Walking

On a bright Sunday winter afternoon, you walk hand in hand with your wife on the open walkway lined with elegant Royal Poinciana, popularly known as the Gulmohar trees. You hear your children running around chasing others, crying out with joy as they take their turns on the swings. Your parents, nearing retirement are basking in the sun, sitting comfortably on the marble slabs of the low-height planters in the garden. Turn around to watch the white foamy water gushing out of the perennial fountains at the entrance, near the huge magnificent gates. As a smile crawls on your face, you’ll experience the delight of discovering an invaluable treasure, your dream home at Shakun Suncity.    

How many times has the slanting rain or the overbearing sun spoilt your plan to spend the evening walking?   No more. At the township the network of wide, well-lit roads that are bordered by trees on both sides. These walkways are lit at every corner, banishing darkness during the evening or night. For residents, these paths serve as the natural way to relax and get into shape. On the inside, the enclosed walkways give shelter from rain or harsh sunlight with indoor plantation dotting the sides. This really means that during heavy rains or hot summers, you won’t have to sit inside anymore.

The eco-friendly pavements let the rain water seep in; eliminating the need to drain out standing water on the walkway. 

All you have to do is to imagine yourself walking on a well made wide path, covered on one side with bright Red Gulmohar Trees and with illuminating tall frames of the LED lights on the other side.

The idea of walking every day on the walkways is simply irresistible.

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